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Beverly Hills Robo K-9 Cop and a Half 2is a buddy comedy film that was viewed and reviewed by Jay Sherman in the episode Sherman of Arabia


When told by the chief that his partners always dies during a case, Harry Callahan (also known as Dirty Harry) was assigned a new rookie partner up fresh from the academy but within seconds he exploded, Thus the chief introduce him to several new partners, which include a woman, a cute little kid, a ugly old dog, a Dinosaur and finally a Leprechaun (which later exploded) While on patrol Harry told his partners that even though they don't like each other they are stuck together, then the little kid asked if he can go to the bathroom, which Harry told him not but later stopped at a gas station.

Meanwhile after cop appears and revealed that Harry isn't the only one as his partners are a Pig, an Alien, seismes twins, a couch and a Mime who broke the mime law and expolded.


  • While this is known as a Squeal, the original "Beverly Hills Robo K-9 Cop and a Half" is never shown or mention.
  • Dirty Harry's partners are a reference to other cop films such as....
    • The Woman Police is a reference in some cop movies where both the male and female cops become love interest near the end of the films.
    • The Cute Little kid a reference to Cop and a Half, which has a like boy teaming up with a veteran cop.
    • The Ugly old Dog is a reference to Turner and Hooch, which is about a police investigator teaming up with a dog.