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Swirling-laughter Swirling-laughter 10 August 2017

Major Renovation Ensuing

Me and my friend (hachi-my-machis) are big Critic fans, and due to our dissappointment in this wiki's current state, we have decided to overhaul and improve everything we can get our hands on. A lot of content might be deleted during this time. But fear not! Once we are done, this page will be much cleaner than it once was.

If there's still a moderator to this page that would like to pass down their role to us, that would be splendid. If you want proof of my work, you can check out the homepage, which I have already cleaned up. 

Anyways, we're hopeful that this will make the sight better for current and future Critic fans. Suggestions are always welcome in the comments. See you around!!

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