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Coming Attractions is the television show that Jay Sherman is the host of. It is part of the Channel 67 line-up. Coming Attractions is taped within the Phillips Broadcasting building.




Shermometer as a Character.

The Original Shermometer.

The Shermometer is a scale that Jay uses to rate the movies. In the episode, "Dial 'M' for Mother, an actor is brought in to play the role of the Shermometer. Also in this episode it is revealed that Eleanor had the original Shermometer in her home.

Star Poop[]

Star Poop.png

Star Poop is another segment of the show, in which Jay interviews movies stars.


Turkey of the Week[]

Turkey of the Week.png

As part of the show renovations in the episode Dial 'M' for Mother, Jay is forced to create this new segment. It is not clear what this segment would've involved as the Turkey bites off Jay's toupee, which leads to a tussle, before the segment aired.


In an effort to make the show more friendly to viewers, Duke Phillips created the following bumpers to liven up the show -

Movies mentioned[]

The following is a list of movies mentioned or reviewed by Jay Sherman on the show:

The Set[]


  • In the episode "Marty's First Date", it is revealed that this show is dubbed into 11 languages.
  • It is also revealed that the Mexican version features a disclaimer about Jay being an escaped mental hospital patient.
  • In the Tahiti version, Jay bares a striking resemble to Ba-Ba, the god of flatulence.