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Doris Grossman is the makeup woman for Jay. She is a chain smoker, and she only has one lung if she take a cigarette out of her mouth another one will appear. She is described as moody and lives in a luxury apartment were she pays $120 a month. Her husband died in the Korean war.


In Every Doris Has Her Day she and Jay are thought to be biological mother and son, because she gave her baby up around the same time he was born. They took a DNA test and it turned out that she was not his mother.

She is attracted to her boss Duke Phillips because she sends him nude pictures of her and told him that she has hot steamy fantasies about him every 30 seconds.

She was hinted at being married to Lon Chaney and one time due to her arm tattoo.


She is attracted to Duke Phillips.

She was once a Commercial actress for Phlegm Fatale Cigarettes and was fired from being "knocked up" from the Fruit of the Loom Banana.

Married actor Lon Chaney.

Her talent is making shapes out of cigarette smoke.