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Duke Phillips (real name Duke Scabies) is Jay's boss, and head of Phillips Broadcasting (formerly Duke Phillips Chicken and Waffles). He runs the network that shows Coming Attractions. He is a billionaire.


Duke is the boss of Jay Sherman and produces his show Coming Attractions. He wants Jay to have a more popular show and not hate it so much since his show is worse than Hitler. Ever the opportunist, Duke is always trying to change things to increase ratings and maximize profits, and more than willing to employ drastic and underhanded methods to do so no matter how outrageous. He is an enormously wealthy man who owns an amusement park called Phillips Land (dubbed "The Happiest Place in Jersey), founded his preschool, runs PNN (Phillips News Network) and a hospital/medical research center.

Doris is attracted to Duke, and has steamy fantasies about him every 30 seconds, which he does not reciprocate. Doris helps Duke manage Jay by making him more lovable and getting more views. Duke also believes that Jay is gay, and is in love with him, wasting no opportunity to belittle him in public for it.

Miranda is a southern woman and sister of Alice. Miranda is new in New York and is looking for a romance and she meets Duke and they both connect they later become a couple.


He has a secret love of cats.

Duke is a citizen of the Dutch Antilles.

Presidents of the United States call him "the Boss"

Duke Phillips worships Pan, The Goat God.

Duke's real name is Duke Scabies, which the disease is named after and is the descendant of Col. Beauregard Scabies.