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Jurassic Park 2 - Revenge of the Raptors is a Action film that was viewed and reviewed by Jay Sherman in the episode Dr. Jay


As Lex Murphy encountered by one of the raptors who started to charge at her, she manage to lock him in a closet, only for Doctor Ian Malcolm to explain that the raptors are to smart to be locked in a closet, which was shown to be true when the Raptor push a newspaper from the floor and manage pushed the door, causing the key to fall and using it to free himself.

With the Raptor free, John Hammond told the Raptor that while he, Ian and Lex are trap on the island, he and the rest of the raptors can't get off the island. Just then the Raptor (who held a pipe and talk in a British accent) revealed that he and the other raptors created a bridge from the island to Venezuela where he would take the name Mr. Pilkington and assume odd jobs to support him.


  • Many fans believed that this film foreshadowed the real Jurassic Park 2 film, entitled The Lost World: Jurassic Park which premiere a couple years after the episode aired.