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Marty's First Date
Season 1, Episode 3
Production Code: 7803
Marty's First Date 1.png
Written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross
First Aired: February 2, 1994
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Dial 'M' for Mother

Marty's First Date is the third episode of Season One of the show The Critic. It is the third overall episode of this show. Aired February 2nd 1994 written by Tom Gammill and Max Pross.

Official DVD Summary[]

"Jay hints to his son Marty on how to romance a young woman have far-reaching consequences: the critic has to speed to Havana to rescue the lovestruck lad, who has literally taken his father's advice and followed her home — to Cuba."


It's Career Day at Marty's school, and Jay gives a presentation. At lunch, Marty accidentally bumps into a girl. On Jay's advice, he attempts to ask her out but he ends up protecting her during a food fight instead. The girl introduces herself as Carmen and she agrees to go out with Marty.

When the night of the date approaches, Jay acts as a chaperone and takes Marty and Carmen to Vlada's restaurant. They later head to the movie theater and watch a French film titled The Red Balloon, which turns out to be an action movie called The Red Balloon Part 2: Revenge of the Balloon. During the movie, Carmen starts to fall asleep and wants to go home.

Jay and Marty take Carmen home, and Marty feels depressed because of how the date went. Jay tells his son that women admire persistence. The next day, Marty goes over to Carmen's parents' house to give her a gift, only to find out that Carmen is going back to Cuba to live with her grandfather. Marty follows her to the airport, sneaks into a cello case and then boards the plane that's carrying Carmen. He is quickly spotted by the guards. Marty gives Carmen a set of clips to keep her glasses from slipping to her nose.

Jay runs over to his parents' house, looking for Marty. He soon sees him on TV, as he is in attendance at a parade in Havana. Jay flies to the airport in Mexico City, only to find out that only Mexican citizens---or anyone married to a Mexican citizen---can fly to Cuba. Jay decides to marry one of the front desk attendants.

Back in Havana, Carmen sees her grandfather, Fidel Castro, in the parade. Later on, she and Marty are having a stroll on the beach when they share a kiss together. Jay and the attendant arrive on a cruise ship that's carrying mental patients. Jay accidentally insults Castro, and is nearly shot (he gets out alive by saying that he gave a thumbs-up to The Mambo Kings, which pleases Castro and his men).





  • A Good Day in the Life of Che Guevara
  • Air Cuba
  • Anti-America
  • Anti-Fourth of July Parade
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • F: The Story of Malcolm Forks
  • "Family Feud" The Movie
  • MASH The Movie of The TV Show
  • S.S. Loco
  • The Mambo Kings (mentioned)
  • The Red Balloon
  • The Red Balloon Part II: The Revenge of the Balloon