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Sherman, Woman and Child
Season 2, Episode 1
Production Code: 201
Written by Mike Reiss & Al Jean
First Aired: March 5, 1995
List of Season 1 Episodes
A Pig Boy and His Dog
Sherman of Arabia

Sherman, Woman and Child is the 1st episode of Season Two of the show The Critic. It is the 14th overall episode of this show.

Official DVD Summary[]

"Jay meets and falls for Alice, who gives him tips on improving his show and boosting his poor ratings."


Jay worries that he may be getting fired due to Coming Attractions' low ratings. On the way home, he meets and befriends a single mother from the South named Alice Tompkins and her daughter, Penny. While visiting their apartment building, Jay learns that Alice was once married to a country singer named Cyrus, who cheated on Alice. Alice explains to Jay that she came to New York to teach Penny that she can make it without a man. Alice later learns that she is about to be evicted from her apartment.

The next day, Jay (under Duke's advice) tries to slip money under Alice's door but he mistakenly gives it to a postal worker. Alice rejects Jay's money, but Jay offers her a job as his personal assistant. She initially refuses, admitting that she has some romantic feelings for Jay and that working for him would make it impossible for them to date. Alice then changes her mind, accepting the job.

After Alice improves Jay's image by improving his wardrobe, Coming Attractions' ratings spike through the roof. One night at Vlada's restaurant, Jay admits to Jeremy that he does have romantic feelings for Alice, and Jeremy convinces him to tell her. When Jay makes an attempt to do so, however, he ends up running into Cyrus, who wants Alice to take him back.

Alice explains to Cyrus that she needs time to make a decision, and the next night, while she and Jay are watching a movie, she explains to him that her weakness is Cyrus singing to her. Despite Jay's concerns, Alice leaves to go see Cyrus, leaving Jay to hurriedly think of a plan.

Back at her apartment and true to her suspicions, Cyrus sings to Alice and she's ready to take him back---until Jay bursts into the apartment and sings a song of his own. Jay then tells Alice that she doesn't need anyone to choose what's best for her. Alice decides that Jay is right and tells Cyrus to leave.