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Sherman of Arabia
Season 2, Episode 2
Production Code: 202
Written by Richard Doctorow
First Aired: April 30, 1995
List of Season 1 Episodes
Sherman, Woman and Child
A Song for Margo

Sherman of Arabia is the 2nd episode of Season Two of the show The Critic. It is the 15th overall episode of this show.

Official DVD Summary[]

"Jay recalls his heroics during the Gulf War while chaperoning a slumber party for Marty."


Jay and Alice are hosting a slumber party for Marty and his classmates. During the slumber party, Jay begins to tell a story about the time when he was involved in the Gulf War.

It was 1991, and Jay was in Baghdad, Iraq, for the Baghdad Film Festival. Jay is about to leave before the war starts, but he ends up getting trapped. Back in the States, Duke uses this as an opportunity as Jay to do his show live on location. 35 hours later, Jay gets arrested for impersonating Iraq's leader. In prison, he writes a letter for help and ties it to a rat.

The rat makes its way to New York and into Duke's office, where Duke puts it away with other rats that Jay sent over. Jay is later forced to denounce the American government on live television. Back in the U.S., Franklin goes to Washington, D.C, and asks President George H.W. Bush to bring Jay home.

Later, Jay is forced to watch American films that are dubbed with Iraqi propaganda. The U.S. Air Force arrives and rescues Jay, only for the rope carrying him to break off. Jay quickly goes back and frees other prisoners. The group wanders around the desert on camels, and they run into a guardian of a sphinx that repeatedly asks them riddles because he was lonely.

While Jay and the refugees keep themselves busy, everyone back in New York is speculating about Jay's current state of health. The group begins to hallucinate and swelter up in the sun. When all appears to be lost, the group finds an IHOP-esque restaurant. Jay soon returns home and takes a picture with the President (who later loses the next election, due to his approval rating taking a huge hit since he took a picture with a film critic).


  • Jay Sherman
  • Marty Sherman
  • Penny Tompkins
  • Alice Tompkins
  • Duke Phillips
  • Gene Shalit
  • Doris Grossman
  • Eleanor Sherman
  • Franklin Sherman


Jay's Apartment





The title is a reference to 'Lawrence Of Arabia',a Lieutenant in WW1 which assisted in freeing Saudi Arabia from the Turkish