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Vlada, who is an Eastern-European immigrant, runs a restaurant called L'ane Riche (French for "The Rich Donkey" or as a colloquialism for "The Rich Idiot"), which Jay and Jeremy both frequent. He hates Jay, but loves his money. During the series most of his wealth is thanks to Jay's appetite and when Jay dieted they couldn't afford Harvard for Zoltan, his equally effeminate and disturbing son. Also according to Zoltan that they bought a yacht as a result of Jay's appetite. Vlada frequently belittles Jay quietly or in a foreign language to the staff. Best known for his greeting to Jay, "Ahhh, Meeester Sherman!" he has a keen understanding of who is hot and who is not in New York and a posse built for schmoozing.

His country is unknown, but he and his son Zoltan wear Pottsylvania sweatsuits at the school's Olympic games. Who attended the UN school with Marty. Zoltan is described as the boy who used to be a girl.